High-Speed Steam Separator

A packaging printer approached us with a dilemma. He had a very expensive hi-speed printing press with inline die cutting for producing a variety of packages. The press and die-cutting system were very impressive in that they could produce a variety of packages one and two up at speeds rated up to 900fpm. The issue was the delivery conveyor that came with the system. This device was a conveyor that used a variety of o-ring belting to separate and deliver the die-cut products. This system was a challenge to setup, was inconsistent in separation and could only run about 450fpm… about 50% of what the system could produce!

We were able to develop a system that would replace this conveyor with a high-speed vacuum transport that allows them to produce products at their max speeds efficiently and with little make ready. Gone were the twisted mess of green o-ring belts that constantly feel off, broke or just didn’t work. The conveyor we provided was designed to seamlessly slide into place of the existing delivery and electronically communicate with the existing line as if it had come with machine originally.custom writing