Pharmaceutical Book Inspection Line

A customer came to us with an application that was produced primarily with expensive labor intensive hand work. These books were for a large pharma company and had to be “perfect” or customer was on the hook for many dollars in penalties and rework cost. They tasked us with developing a solution that would feed and verify their 396 page book. Sounds easy, but the already collated, tabbed, hole punched and multi weight stock books had to be fed in continuous fashion, with inspection to the front and back of each page, books were then re-collated with any bad books being ejected from the line or transferred to deliver conveyor for further processing and all at speeds of 7 to 8k per hour. We were able to develop a solution that met all these requirements thus allowing the customer to eliminate a production bottle neck and all the expensive hand work that went along with it as well the potential penalties and rework cost. This is just one example of what Precision can do for you. Bring us your toughest challenges and let us provide your solutions for success!

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